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History of prostitution in Israel – continued

סקס לווי בישראל

Under the conditions of Galut, where Jews lived within the community, and their lifestyle was determined by the strict rules of Halacha and tradition, extramarital affairs among Jews were much rarer than among the non-Jewish population. Any extramarital affairs were considered as prostitution (beylate is bitter); The rabbis strictly condemned all manifestations of sexual licentiousness in the Jewish community. Communities have made numerous decisions to combat any form of prostitution.

The ties between Jews and non-Jews (or Jews and non-Jews) were particularly sharply condemned, since in most countries they were banned by the laws of the state and the church and could therefore cause persecution of the entire community. In some countries, Jews found sexually involved with Christians were punished by death. So, in 1498 in Rome, a certain Jew was quartered for his connection with a non-Jew. In Aragon, there were cases when young men convicted of non-Jews were expelled from their parents’ houses.

Despite the isolated life of Jews in the Middle Ages, it was impossible to completely prevent the influence of the surrounding population on Jews. In countries where morality was not too strict (Spain, Italy, North African countries), Jewish communities were sometimes forced to take special orders to protect Jews from sexual licentiousness.

סקס לווי בישראל
נערות ליוו בישראל

Jewish communities have never tolerated the existence of prostitution among Jews, especially commercial organized prostitution. They vigorously opposed any attempt to open a brothel in the Jewish quarter. There is information about brothels that were closed by order of Jewish communities in various cities of Germany and France in the 17-18 centuries. Jewish homeowners who provided premises for brothels were heavily fined.

Every Jew who found out about such a case was obliged to report the community to him. Although Jewish protests against the opening of brothels in Jewish quarters were not always successful, in some cases the Jews managed to get them transferred to another place. In many countries, the presence of brothels within the city was prohibited by law, so they were located on the outskirts, sometimes intentionally (sometimes, incidentally, by accident) near Jewish quarters.

In Central Europe, a Jewish woman who wanted official permission from the authorities to engage in prostitution usually left the community and was baptized. In Eastern Europe, where the traditional Jewish way of life remained until the 19th century, there was virtually no prostitution among Jews.

The decline of the traditional way of life significantly shook the foundations of the sexual morality of East European Jewry.

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