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Prostitution in Jewish communities

שירותי ליווי בישראל

In eastern Jewish communities, prostitution was most prevalent in Morocco, especially during the occupation of the country by foreign armies during World War II. The growth of prostitution was also facilitated by the transition from traditional life in rural areas to urban and the same reasons that caused it everywhere: poverty, ignorance, mass migration. After the Second World War, there were 2.5 thousand Jewish prostitutes in Casablanca, that is, 4% of the entire Jewish population of the city. The Jewish communities of Morocco were tolerant of prostitution, as they feared that brutal measures of struggle would induce prostitutes to convert to Islam.

The root cause of the spread of prostitution among Jews after emancipation was the anomaly of Jewish life in Galut – the destruction of traditional foundations was not accompanied by the normalization of the social status of the Jewish masses, but it led to declassification, impoverishment, mass migrations, and the loss of moral guidelines. After World War II, there were cases of prostitution among European Jews among displaced persons, refugees, and surviving prisoners of concentration camps.

Before World War II, there was almost no prostitution among Jews in Eretz-Israel, since the Jewish population consisted mainly of members of religious communities who maintained their traditional way of life, and new Olim, immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe, where they belonged to the middle and the upper classes of society; among them, the leading role was played by idealists, adherents of various currents of the Zionist movement.

שירותי ליווי בישראל
שירותי ליווי בישראל

After the creation of the State of Israel, prostitution began to appear in cities, which was facilitated by the weakening of traditions and old foundations of life, as well as the influx of poor and declassified people from Eastern Europe, Asia, and North Africa. In the early 1990s Cases of prostitution were also noted among immigrants from the Soviet Union, and subsequently from the CIS countries, due to significant difficulties in absorbing this mass aliyah. In 2005–07 as a result of the growing stratification of property in Israeli society, Israel has become a country exporting “living goods” to Europe.

Israeli law does not criminalize prostitution, but there is a ban on regular prostitution. The law prosecutes organizers of commercial prostitution and pimps. Despite all the restrictions, prostitution in Israel exists in various hidden forms (for example, under the guise of massage rooms). Public discourse on prostitution is rich and diverse: newspapers, television, cinema, theater and literature often portray the images of prostitutes, mostly sympathetically or with humor. On organized commercial prostitution and trade in “live goods” (mainly from the CIS countries) in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Prostitution is a social evil common in countries with different social systems. The specific anomalies of Jewish existence in Galut, which had previously contributed to the spread of prostitution among Jews, no longer exist, but the causes of prostitution in Israel are the same as in other countries.

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